The Society

Welcome to the home of the Professional Engineer

The Society of Professional Engineers was established in 1969 in pursuit of the goals of the time honoured Society of Engineers, established in 1854.

The Society;

• acknowledges that "Engineering" brings together a group of related professions upon which Society relies for the creation of the built environment that encompasses the materials available and the items manufactured to operate within a sustainable world.

• recognises that Professional Engineers have different specialisations, however, the specialisms are all based on a number of fundamental principles such as strength of materials and the ability to withstand, react to or make use of natural forces.

• provides a professional home for engineers who have a sufficiently deep understanding of these fundamental principles and are able to take an innovative approach to the problems to be addressed within a society and their clients.

• reinforces the achievement of both academic and vocational skills within the engineering professions.

• maintains a register for Professional Engineers who meet the Society’s requirements for entry.

• holds the absolute right to grant to Professional Engineers on its Register both in the UK and overseas, the right to use the post-nominal letters PEng or PEng(UK).

The Society promotes;

• high standards of expertise and professionalism in the practice of engineering.

• the development of inventions and improvements in the practice of engineering and the dissemination of information.

• improvements in the laws relating to matters of engineering practice.

Contact information

The Society of Professional Engineers is a Company Limited by Guarantee under The Companies Acts and it has its offices at;

Guinea Wiggs,
Essex, UK,
Tel: +44 (0) 1 206 263 243
Fax: +44 (0) 1 206 262 624

NOTE: This website ( is the website of the Society of Professional Engineers, however, it has affiliated and collaborative arrangements with other organisations both in the UK and overseas, but has no control over the content of these and other external websites. Individuals may describe themselves as professional engineers, however, a person using the designations PEng and PEng(UK) must be a member on the Register of the Society. Anyone who is not a Member but uses such a description for commercial purposes is at risk of committing an offence under the Theft Act, 1968, of “Obtaining Pecuniary Advantage by Deception”.